A six-month program and membership community to help client-based business owners transition into selling digital products—without burning out in the process.

Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Membership.


Join the membership community that
helps freelancers transition into
selling online courses
without burning out in the process.


With our membership, in six months you’ll have:

✓  Optimized your client business for more profitability

✓  Built an audience and designed a content creation plan that works for you

✓  Finally created and launched your digital product


“Within 4 months of joining Wandering Aimfully, I launched the beta round of my first live branding program that brought in $1,500, which was about 10x what I've ever previously got from 'launching' courses.
I also saved $2,000 annually by going through the Build Without Burnout expenses exercises (which saves me almost double what it costs me for my membership).”

Rachel Shillcock
Brand Designer | Manchester, UK

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Do NOT proceed if you’re looking to “get rich quick”…

The Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Membership is NOT a promise of overnight success. We're not about empty promises or selling the dream around here. We're about putting in the work, having the patience to see things through, and seeing REAL results.


Oh also, before you scroll further…

We pride ourselves on being available to our members. We answer emails. We hop on 1-on-1 calls. We're available for a quick DM when you need help or have a question. Wanna put this to the test? Click the blue chat icon in the bottom right and send a message. You'll hear back from us, just as you'd continue to be able to reach out to us in the future whenever YOU need it!




Well, do any of the following statements describe you?


You run an online business as a




You currently have clients…

but you know you want to create a digital product LIKE AN ONLINE COURSE.


You’re tired of trading time for money…

and feel like you’re always scrambling to find your next client to pay yo’ bills.


You’ve experienced burnout before…

and you want to avoid it at all costs while still having a plan of action moving forward.


You’ve been sold the “Make 6-figs with an online course!” dream and your BS-detector isn’t having it. (You’re okay with making fewer figs if it means following a proven system that actually works & being able to enjoy life in the process).


If any of that strikes a nerve, then we believe....

Digital products are your path to more freedom.


If you’re a designer, developer, writer, anyone who works with clients, you know the pain of constantly trading your time for money. Digital products require you to invest time up front, but then you can continue to see revenue without trading any more time.

Selling digital products is a way to diversify your client revenue, giving you (somewhat) “passive income” which can give you more flexibility in the clients you choose to take on and the way you schedule your life. In short, they put you BACK IN CONTROL.


How do we know this?



Hey, We’re Caroline and Jason Zook.


We’re a husband and wife team who started out as designers and transitioned into digital product business owners.

We’ve been doing this online biz thing for over a decade and have a ton of lessons to share with you because we’ve been in your shoes!


Now we want to teach you everything we’ve learned inside our Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Membership!


“In 2019, I’m on pace to triple the income I was making in 2016 as an assistant principal before I joined Wandering Aimfully. This year I launched my first serious course in an attempt to keep building without burnout. Even with a super tiny email list, I made $8,000."

Brendan Hufford
SEO Consultant | Chicago, IL

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“I finally feel in control of my numbers and income goals and have solid data to base them off instead of imaginary numbers in my head...I’ve been saving an average of $700 a month just from one Wandering Aimfully exercise.”

Emily Banks
Designer | New South Wales, Australia

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Wandering Aimfully
Lifetime Membership?


If you’re a creative business owner who wants to be surrounded by other people on a similar journey, you’re going to love Wandering Aimfully (WAIM)! Over the years we’ve been able to cultivate an amazing group of thoughtful, helpful, and inspiring people. We also have a knowledge-base chock-full of goodies you can learn from. And, we’re (Jason and Caroline Zook) here to personally support you.

Get a feel for “what’s inside the box” by watching our custom WAIM Member Dashboard


Hey, are you somebody who likes to know exactly what ALL THE THINGS included in this membership are?

That’s cool. We love those people. Click below to learn more about everything included in our membership.


Now meet the newest addition to the Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Membership… 


Build Without Burnout Academy is...


Our six-month program to help
client-based business owners
transition into selling digital products
without burning out in the process.

If you overwork yourself and try to transition from clients to digital products too quickly, you WILL burn out (we know from experience!) Instead, we’ve created a step-by-step program that gives you weekly lessons and guided instruction over the course of six months. You’ll have accountability and you’ll build a solid foundation to make this evolution happen with long-term success.


What you’ll learn


A six-month, week-by-week curriculum walking you through how to maximize the efficiency of your client business, grow a targeted audience,
& build and launch your digital product.

Unlike most online programs, we’ve actually built-in time to get caught up, as well as a completely unique board game element. (Because, why not?!) Sounds intriguing? You’re damn right it is!


Month 1: Setting the Foundation

  • Week 1: Making your client business more efficient (Part 1)
  • Week 2: Making your client business more efficient (Part 1)
  • Week 3: Your product idea
  • Week 4: Catch-up week

Month 2: Building An Audience

  • Week 5: Understanding your audience
  • Week 6: Content creation
  • Week 7: Implementing audience building on your website
  • Week 8: Catch-up week

Month 3: Mastering Content Creation

  • Week 9: Optimizing your content
  • Week 10: Content syndication & promotion
  • Week 11: Product brainstorming & development
  • Week 12: Catch-up week

Month 4: Pre-sales and customer happiness

  • Week 13: Creating your pre-sale page
  • Week 14: Launching your pre-sale
  • Week 15: Planning for surprise and delight
  • Week 16: Catch-up week

Month 5: Creating your digital product

  • Week 17: Outlining and planning your content
  • Week 18: Building your content
  • Week 19: Technical setup and beta testing
  • Week 20: Catch-up week

Month 6: Launching your product

  • Week 21: Creating your sales page & launch plan
  • Week 22: Making a launch plan and sales email sequence
  • Week 23: Post-purchase planning
  • Week 24: Launching your product 🎉

**Note: Build Without Burnout curriculum starts right when you join WAIM and we have monthly calls to help keep you accountable!

Don’t worry if you can’t start Build Without Burnout right away. It will always be at your digital fingertips when you’re ready to dive in. It’s a step-by-step program and you only need 1-2 hours per week to knock out all the to-dos!


Build Without Burnout Academy is the cornerstone program within our Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Membership, but remember you ALSO get all of these things included in your membership fee: 














A Wandering Aimfully Membership is right for you if…

✓  You're tired of feeling overwhelmed.

✓  You want to sell digital products and want a specific plan of action and accountability to help you reach your goals.

✓  You’re willing to put in the work and show up consistently.

✓  You want to come up with a content creation plan you can stick to and build an audience that will actually buy from you (all without burning out!)

✓  You want to invest in yourself and your business but don’t want to keep paying us forever (hence, “lifetime” membership)


A Wandering Aimfully Membership is NOT right for you if…

𐄂  You think someone can do the work for you or offer you some magic bullet.

𐄂  Your main goal in life is to make as much money as possible and you don’t care about providing value to your customers.

𐄂  You still use Windows 95 and Microsoft Paint.

𐄂  You sell exotic trash compactors. Listen, we’d love to support your trash compacting dreams, it’s just not the right fit for us at this time.



Zobia A.,

"Investing in a Wandering Aimfully Membership was the best business investment I have ever made for my own future. It has helped me write, plan, and launch my first course, a podcast, and set a goal to finish my damn book and get it published. This community continues to be the push I need to take action in my life and business!”


John-Paul A.,
Software Engineer

"WAIM is my secret society of makers, creators, and just amazing people…I have access to a bunch of courses and tools, and Jason and Caroline too. I also get to see people that are trying, failing, winning, and succeeding at the same thing I'm trying to do. It does wonders for my self-efficacy.”


Flavia H.,

"One of the best decisions I've made for my business was to join the Wandering Aimfully community. Jason actually cares about the success of his community and will give you real and honest feedback (like it or not). Not only that, but he will follow up and check on you. Being part of this community has helped me in all aspects of my life.


Dan H.,
Small Business Owner

"Best investment ever! And I truly mean an investment because this is the purchase that keeps producing more and more useful content and a growing community of motivated individuals."


Pastevia J.,

"I've learned things I didn't even know I wanted to learn but so thrilled I did. I continue to be educated by a group of 'velvet hammers' (folks are kind but also hold you accountable and push you, in a good way). Thanks to Jason and Caroline for being unprecedented leaders and constantly sharing with us."

Jim H.,

"The coolest thing about buying a WAIM Membership is that, in addition to existing products, a network of action-oriented entrepreneurs, and supporting innovative creators like Jason and Caroline, knowing that later on down the line they’re going to tap you on the shoulder and say, 'Here, I made some other cool things for you.'"


Ready to join us?


We’ve created a 100% FREE* 7-day fully-featured trial that you can start today. Think of it like kicking our proverbial tires 🎉😎

(*You will need to enter a credit card to sign up for the free trial but you will NOT be charged and you can cancel the trial at any time.)


For years we’ve wrestled with using the psychological tactics of pricing what we sell via numbers like $99 or $295 or $497. Does this pricing strategy work on our human brains? Yes. Does that mean we actually have to use it? No. We’ve joined the movement to sell things using whole numbers, devoid of mental persuasion schemes.



You might be wondering… 

+ What does "Lifetime Membership" mean and how is it different?

Imagine Netflix emailed you tomorrow and said, "you can have Netflix forever and all you have to do is pay X price and you'll never pay for Netflix again!" That's what our Lifetime Membership means! You pay a total of $2,000 (via monthly payments or buy-it-now option) and you NEVER pay us again. You are buying our future and getting access to everything we've created AND everything we will create at no extra cost... forever! Pretty neat, huh?

+ Is Wandering Aimfully right for me if I don’t have clients?

Even if you don't have clients, if your goals are to create digital products or surround yourself with other creative people, then our membership is absolutely the right fit for you! You do not have to have clients to get an immense amount of value from WAIM. Even in our Build Without Burnout program, you could skip the first month that's focused on client businesses and still get 5-months-worth of guided content on building an audience, creating a product and launching it.

+ Are there any guaranteed results?

Guarantees are impossible. We can’t control every variable and every situation, especially the biggest variable: the amount of effort YOU'RE willing to put in. That being said, we believe you can net a 5-10x return on your WAIM investment, with our Build Without Burnout Academy alone. If you follow our plan, show us your six months of work, but don’t make 5-10x your return, we’ll refund your investment.

+ Do I have to follow the 6-month plan to succeed?

Nope! Build Without Burnout Academy has a very specific 6-month plan but our 30+ other courses and workshops do not. You can/will get a TON of value from our other resources that you can dive into immediately, even if you choose not to follow our core program.

+ Where can I see a list of EVERYTHING included in the Lifetime Membership?

Oh, you want to see ALL THE THINGS, huh? Well lucky for you we thought about that and wrote out every single course, product, book, workshop, guide, piece of software, and more!

+ Can I email you guys if I have questions?

YES! Or... You can use the blue chat bubble on this page which will send us an email (it's NOT a live chat). Feel free to ask us anything about the Wandering Aimfully Membership!

+ I need to make $100,000 tomorrow, is this right for me?

No. Stop it. You have very unrealistic expectations about a $100/month program. But also, do you actually need to make that much money? We’re very focused on the idea of “enough” and helping our members define what that number means for them.

+ How do I stalk you guys a bit more before buying into this membership?

Ahhh, you’re one of those, huh? We don’t mind! You can visit our YouTube channel and watch us in action to get a feel for our personalities and humor. We’d also recommend reading our About Page if you want more of our story and what we value in life and biz. Please don’t sit across the street with binoculars though, that’s taking things too far.

+ If I need to cancel my membership how does that work?

You can cancel at any time by logging into your WAIM Dashboard and heading to your Account Settings. We don’t hold our members hostage and we don’t require you to jump through any digital hoops to cancel.