A six-month program and membership community to help client-based business owners transition into selling digital products—without burning out in the process.



This is the home page of our website and this is a very catchy headline to grab your attention. Did it work?


Oh look, it’s a really cute photo of us (Jason and Caroline Zook.)

We’re a husband and wife team that loves helping freelancers feel more in control of their lives and businesses.




Time for another big headline and this one’s about a specific pain point you have in your life. Ready for it? 


Do you feel overwhelmed by wearing all the hats in your business? Do you want to create another revenue stream without burning out in the process?


This is a photo to reinforce that real humans are behind this website who have emotions and aren’t robots.


We’d like to show you how you can make money with a small online course (additional revenue stream) over the next 7 days for free.


Lots of online entrepreneurs want to send you a few emails with a bunch of theoretical content. Not us. We’ve created an action-packed 7-day challenge with ACTUAL lessons to help you create a small online course that you can start selling just one week from now.  


Yeah we made a logo and an in-depth page just for a free 7-day challenge. That’s how much we care about helping you!

Aren’t big buttons great?


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