A six-month program and membership community to help client-based business owners transition into selling digital products—without burning out in the process.

A six-month program to help
client-based business owners
transition into selling digital products
without burning out in the process.

We both began our entrepreneurial careers as designers doing client work, but over time, we craved more freedom and flexibility that we knew would never come if we kept trading time for money. So… we both (at different times) made the leap to transition away from client income to 100% digital product income. 

More specifically, over the years we’ve created e-books, online courses, coaching programs, and most recently, our membership community Wandering Aimfully. We have years of experience growing audiences, creating content, and launching products and building passive digital products that continue to bring us income. 

But we also know making this transition doesn’t happen overnight. As much as you might want to make a change, if you overwork yourself and try to make this shift in a month on top of your client work, you WILL burn out. Instead, we are developing a program that gives you weekly lessons and instruction over the course of six months. You’ll build a solid foundation to make this evolution happen long-term.

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